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All You Need to Know About Cat Health Teeth Problems and solution

If you have a cat, then its health and happiness will be very important to you. People spend a lot of money on food, treats, toys and sometimes even clothing for their pets. They also invest in grooming, training and medical care. Another thing that is very important which many people forget about is having healthy teeth. Teeth are very important to cats. If they lose their teeth, they have no way of eating. A cat’s instinct is to chew their food as where if a person loses their teeth they can puree food for nutrition. Checking your cat’s teeth regularly and keeping them clean should prevent breakage and loss of teeth. Proper check-ups at the vet clinic where they look at the teeth will help if you cannot check the teeth yourself. If the cat develops bad breath or has a strong order coming from the mouth, they may have an infection of the gum or teeth. In some cases, the accumulation of food particles between the teeth will cause an infection and the same if food gets under the gum. Cats normally do not like to open their mouth for cleaning or anything else, if you suspect a problem, a veterinarian will clean the teeth and prescribe an antibiotic if necessary.

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