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All You Need To Know About Cat Sleep

Cat sleep patterns can clash with yours to disturb your slumber. To match your cat’s sleep pattern with yours, you can engage your kitty in strenuous games and activities throughout the day, which in turn will make it sleep at night.
It is in your cat’s nature to sleep for a minimum of 12 hours each day. It is best to let the cat sleep for that amount of time or it may have adverse effects on the growth of your feline friend and may even give rise to some cat health problems.
Cats are predictable creatures and follow a fairly identifiable routine. All cats are different in their personalities but all follow a fairly recognizable pattern and lifestyle:
Sleep: cats like to preserve their energy for when it is time to use it to the full. Consequently, cats spend up to two-thirds of their life either resting or asleep. They will sleep almost anywhere – on a cushion, on a shelf, a floor, in a box. You may have bought a cat bed or specific piece of cat furniture for your cat to sleep in – whether he uses it will be up to the cat alone. Cats do not like to be “told” what to do!
It is useful to provide your cat with some comfortable bedding. A small blanket or soft towel will be appreciated. Even your old (or best) sweater will be a valuable resource for your cat. Allowing your cat to sleep where he wants means that he can find the place that he is most comfortable in – away from the cold and away from draughts.
Kittens, especially, will sleep for most of the day and when they awake, they will play wildly. Their sleep is necessary for the regeneration of energy, growth and well being. Kittens undergo rapid growth spurts and their sleep is as vital as their nutrition during this important time.

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