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1.Cat Hygiene Tips on How to Make Your Cat Look Good and Feel Good
Cat grooming plays a vital role in keeping our dearest cat in their best and most beautiful feeling. Do you notice how vain cats are? They spend most of their waking time cleaning themselves. They may be doing a great job but they still need our help. Here are some tips on how to make your cat look
good and eventually feel good:
Brush their fur – this is one of the most important parts in grooming your cat. You should make it a regular habit to brush the fur of your cat whether your cat has short hair or long hair. It is recommendable to brush the long hair of your cats daily to avoid matting of their fur. This practice is also perfect to keep their hair healthy and shiny. Meanwhile, if your cat has short hair then it requires less maintenance. You could brush their hair twice a week to keep the appearance of their hair shiny and also to avoid shredded hair.
Another great thing about brushing your cat’s hair regularly is that it prevents skin irritation since brushing helps to distribute natural oils the cat’s body produces.
You could incorporate brushing into a petting session. You could pet the cat first then brush the hair afterward. You should be very gentle to prevent any accident.
Make sure to clip your cat’s nails – cats grow their nails so fast and so sharp so it is advisable to clip it regularly. The trouble with not clipping your cat’s nails on a regular basis is that the nails might curve into their paws, which could be very painful. To avoid this, do not wait for their nails to grow too long before you clip it. Make sure to buy safe and sharp clippers in the nearest pet shop for this grooming activity.

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