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Best tips to Train Your Cat Fast and Effectively

Cats are independent creatures. They tend to stick to themselves. However, some cats are very loving. Despite your cat’s temperament you need to learn how to train your cat. If a cat develops a bad behavior, for whatever reason, it is not a fun situation. From biting and scratching on people and furniture to litter box accidents and getting on the counter, it can all be corrected. Some cats are easier to train than others, but you can train any cat if you learn how to train your cat properly.
Start with your cat’s training as soon as possible. It does not matter the age of the cat. You have to set clear guidelines for it and stick to them. You can’t let your cat get away with something one day and reprimand it the next. Changing the rules will confuse your cat and it will not listen to any of your commands. Do not move the litter box around. Find one spot for it that is not in a high traffic area and leave it. If you move it too much, the kitty cannot find it and will not go in the correct spot. Do not allow your cat to hop on the counter one day and then shout at him the next day. He will not understand and will tend to ignore it thinking it is one of your habits. You can’t be shouting at him! You praised him doing the same thing just yesterday! This is why you need to learn how to train your cat properly.
If you use treats as a reward they must be given immediately after the desired action has been performed. If you don’t do this they will not know what they are being rewarded for. Another choice is to use a clicker or a tool that will make a loud noise. This will distract the cat from what it is doing and will cause the cat to direct its attention elsewhere. Your cat will learn to avoid the action that makes the sound and will steer toward actions that are rewarded with treats. It is hard to say what is motivating your kitty, avoidance of the loud noise or the treat as a reward, but if you get the desired action it does not matter. If you learn how to train your cat properly using these methods it is not a hard task to accomplish.

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