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Dog Health Food and Foods Dogs Should Not Eat

Just like humans, dogs need food because that’s where they get their nutrients and energy from. That’s why as a dog owner, you are essentially responsible for your dog’s health. Back in the days, the most common type of food that a lot of dog owners used to feed their dogs are the ones bought from the store or the commercial type that was already manufactured and processed. But because of the controversies that some dog food companies faced recently, more and, more dog owners are discovering other options to feed their dogs. It is not uncommon anymore to see dog owners feeding their dogs with homemade dog food. Homemade dog food is food you prepared yourself at home. This is because, just like humans, it is not healthy for dogs to eat processed food every day. We all know that processed food does not have as many nutrients as homemade ones do, and they are also high in fat which causes dogs to be overweight. With homemade dog food, dog owners take control of the nutrition of their dogs and they know their dogs are eating the right food they need. With homemade dog food, dogs can start to have a silkier coat, a more pleasant breath, and lose the weight they gained from commercial dog food. They will also be less prone to skin and ear infections, kidney ailments, and respond less aggressively. It is clear that homemade dog food with the right nutrition can bring back the health benefits your dog lost when he was still fed processed food.

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