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How To Choose The Right Dog

According to the Humane Society of the United States 3-4 million dogs and cats in shelters are put to sleep annually, mostly because their owners didn’t make the right choices in the first place.
Choosing a dog is like choosing your new best friend. You want to make sure you do everything to make your closest companion feel comfortable and at home, so they can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Dog ownership is a privilege. Give your best friend the love and attention he deserves, and you will be repaid with devotion and loyalty many times over.
When you want to find out how to choose the right dog, you will have many choices for types of dogs that each have unique characteristics and traits. Choosing your dog will require some time and research. The dog you choose will be with you for several years and will be moving with you through the different stages of your life. Selecting your pet with this in mind will help you to choose the pet that will make an excellent life-long companion. There Are Many Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Dog For Your Lifestyle, Here Are Just Some Of Them:
Do you want a pure-breed, and are you aware of the breed’s specific needs or problems?
Are you just as happy with a mutt or mixed-breed?
How easy will your dog be to train?
How active is your preferred dog, can you give it the right exercise?
Do you want a big or small dog? are there any size-related issues?
Do you want the hard work of a puppy?
Will you accept an older or senior dog?
Would you consider adopting a dog?
Do you have children?
If so do you have very young children?
Can you afford to keep and maintain a dog to a healthy standard?
Do you, or anyone close to you suffer from allergies and may benefit from a hypoallergenic dog?

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